Discover the secret to healthy weight loss

Discover the secret to healthy weight loss

The Infamous Weight Loss Houdini Act:

How Hypnosis Can Help You Escape The Weight Gain Trap & Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss

So, you’ve gained weight. You have tried everything to lose weight, from willpower to the lemon juice diet. You are looking for the best way to lose weight fast. With every weight loss diet plan, your weight yo-yos down and back up again. As you gain more and more weight, you feel more and more down.  Yet you keep hoping those extra pounds will somehow disappear if you could only find the right magic pill or potion.

You probably feel like a prisoner of your own body.  It feels like you are a thin person wearing a fat suit and you can’t find the eject button. You are not sure what to do.  And you don’t feel like yourself.  Ultimately you are embarrassed. And you definitely don’t feel sexy. In fact, you may be avoiding social situations or experiencing health problems. You feel like you lost control of the steering wheel.

The diet roller coaster leads to feeling helpless and hopeless. People throw their hands up and say: “It’s not going to work, so why bother?” Eventually weight loss is so hard that they give up even trying.

Then come the excuses…

“It is in my genes – my grandmother was overweight, my mother was overweight, I am just meant to be this way.”

“It’s just not possible for me.”

“Weight gain is what happens as you get older.”

“I am too busy.”

“It’s too much hassle.”

A Better Way..

Your past attempts at weight loss have really been like building a house without a foundation. With every diet plan, the house crumbles. If you are looking for a way to lose weight fast, it is a fool’s errand. What you really need is to establish a firm foundation from which you can have healthy weight loss and develop the habits that make this a part of your lifestyle.

The secret to reversing your weight gain spiral is all in your head.

Have you noticed how quickly young children change their mood? They go from temper tantrum to happily giggling in no time. This is because they spend their first 6 years in a hypnosis-like state, where they are in their emotions, their senses and imaginations. And it is impressive how quickly they are able to learn complex skills like walking and talking. They imitate people around them who know how to walk and talk. When they fall down, they get up and try again, and they keep observing, experimenting and practicing until they get it.

Lose weight fast???

We have observed from 100’s or client that when people fail at weight loss, they are doing the polar opposite of what babies do. They sabotage themselves by:

  • Assuming slim and fit people are that way because they are lucky, instead of using them as examples to duplicate success for healthy weight loss.
  • Trying to lose weight fast, and then getting angry at themselves when they fall off the very shaky wagon.
  • Getting so caught up in the fear of failure, they can’t calmly and consistently take the simple steps to succeed.
  • Making weight loss seem so hard that they eat to escape the stress.

With hypnosis you can learn how to escape sabotaging, negative emotions like fear, frustration and anger. Then you are free to continue on your merry way to your weight loss goal. You can also associate positive emotions with healthy eating and fitness.

Top weight loss programs know that healthy weight loss begins with changing your mind. If you are serious about healthy weight loss, hypnosis can help you make it fun, enjoyable, AND realistic.

When you are ready to escape the weight gain trap and enjoy a slim lifestyle, come in for a free consultation and we will see if hypnosis is right for you.

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