How to Control Over Eating:
Binge Eating

How to Control Over Eating:
Binge Eating

The Naked Truth About Binge Eating

If you are banging your head against the wall trying to find out how to stop binge eating, the solution is all in your head. Now, we are not suggesting that you hallucinate. What we mean is you are running a pattern in your mind that keeps you trapped in a cycle of binge eating. The cycle keeps going round and round, and your body keeps expanding just like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Now finally you can learn how to break the binge eating cycle and stop being a victim of your own mind. Here’s how.

Anger, Guilt & Self-Loathing

People who suffer from binge eating tend to cringe at their own behaviour. Often they berate themselves and hide away in disgust and shame. They wouldn’t treat their worst enemy half as brutally as they treat themselves. Yes, they want to stop binge eating, but the don’t know how to stop binge eating.

Of course our natural instinct is to protect ourselves. So binge eaters who beat themselves up escape by binging even more! Then they wake up the next day thinking “I already blew it, so why bother even trying? I can’t stop eating. I’ll just throw it all out the window.”

Fortunately, there is a way out. You can start by treating yourself with respect while you learn how to stop binging. Some people are afraid of doing this because they are worried that if they forgive themselves they will fly out of control even more. They believe that the self-punishment is meant to spur them on to success. Think about it, if this was true, binge eating would be completely blitzed from the planet by now.

The Secret To Stop Binge Eating Is To Simply Surrender

Surrender? It may sound crazy but give this some thought. If binging and emotional eating are wreaking havoc on your life, calling a truce may be exactly what you need.

When you are at peace, it is a lot easier to tune into your body and know when you are hungry or full. You can allow emotions to flow through you and choose to eat for reasons of nutrition and genuine hunger. Feeling at peace makes it easier to recognize your real needs and find healthy ways to satisfy them.

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