Small Business and Entrepreneurs

Small Business and Entrepreneurs

The Secret To Maximizing Business Success: Hypnosis

In business, there are all kinds of unknowns. I’m sure you’ll agree that the better prepared YOU are to handle what comes your way, the more successful you will be.

And this is where hypnosis for business comes in. You know it all starts with your mind. To communicate, inspire, lead, collaborate, negotiate, make clear decisions.  Therefore, now you can learn how to unleash the power of your mind. You can realize your potential. And you can maximize your influence and success.

Maybe you are frustrated and stuck. Or perhaps things are going great and you want to take things to the next level. Either way, hypnosis for business opens up a world of possibility for you.

‘Procrastination Turns Into Productivity’*

“I came to Burlington Hypnosis Centre to help my productivity. As a business owner I found myself procrastinating, when there was important work to get done. I’m now turning it into a game to get my to-dos completed. The cost of Robbie’s services are minimal compared to what can be achieved by using my full potential.”*

Shaun O., Business Owner

We work with business owners, employees, and executives in organizations large and small.  Our group training and one-on-one coaching is available for:

  • Confidencekey to weight loss success
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Managing People
  • Negotiation
  • Improving Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Crisis
  • Working With Difficult People
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR

‘Regained Self Confidence – Career Taking Off & Romance Rekindled’*

“I was not able to handle the daily meetings at work. Hypnosis showed me how to be self assured and how to attract positive experiences.  And now I have regained my self confidence, been bombarded with numerous job offers, and rekindled the romance with my husband of 22 years. The future is much brighter for me and now I have the power of many choices.”*

Portia P, Production Supervisor

A seasoned speaker, Robbie regularly presents at conferences, and conducts trainings and workshops. Her presentations are enjoyable, inspiring and full of instant, practical and valuable takeaways for the audience.

Productivity Training – ‘I Was Really Impressed!’

“Everyone really enjoyed Robbie’s stress management seminar.  In it we learned some quick and easy ways to reduce stress and be more productive in our fast-paced work environment. As a sales person, I also learned some important things about people and communication that will help me serve my clients and colleagues better.  Because of this, I was really impressed! Thank you.”*

Bob Savelson, SVP, Sales & Marketing, eDev Tech

“The Best Money I Have Spent On Business Training Ever”*

No longer terrified of public speaking  – won best presenter.

“Before I started hypnosis I was terrified of public speaking. I had no confidence at all in my ability to communicate effectively. My heart would be pounding, my voice would be shaking and I would be sweating. Not a pretty picture. After just 3 sessions I had to do a presentation in front of 12 of my peers and managers. I could not believe the difference! I was able to stand up there confidently and engage with my audience. I was actually voted the best presenter of the day by our management team! Thanks!”*

Cathy, Sales

“Tons Of Great Value”*

“Hypnosis Boosts Business & Negotiation Skills”*

Burlington Hypnosis

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