Discover How Hypnosis can Help you get Motivated & Achieve your Life Goals

Discover How Hypnosis can Help you get Motivated & Achieve your Life Goals

How to Stop Procrastinating & Get Motivated

There is an old Yiddish curse that says “may you grow like an onion with your head in the ground.” Unfortunately many people are under this curse, and they often don’t even know it. Make sure you’re not one of them. Stop procrastinating.

The saying that necessity is the mother of invention is true because many of us neglect our creativity and commitment to overcoming obstacles until things have gone so far that we have no choice.

You Know It’s Time To Stop Procrastinating

These days, we have so many choices, and few or no perceived real consequences to our choices. This can make us victims of distraction, immediate gratification and excuses. The end result? We neglect to fulfill our mission.

Some people distract themselves so beautifully and purposefully with other things, they don’t even know they are growing like an onion and procrastinating their life away.

The tendency is to want to cling to our blindspots. To make up stories about why things are the way they are, and retreat into quiet defeat and helplessness. We have so many loopholes, white lies we tell ourselves and others. When people are ruled by how they are feeling that day, or their immediate circumstances, they have a million excuses.

It’s easy to find partners in crime, since we are surrounded by people who are doing exactly the same thing as we are. A group delusion.

Many of us are willing to keep going with something as long as it seems doable and we are experiencing success. The real rewards go to people who persevere beyond this point.

Liberate Yourself From The Tyranny Of Your Emotions: The Key To Getting Your Life Goals

Most of use are slaves to our emotions and the stories we make up in our heads to make sense of what’s happening. This makes us into leaves blowing in the wind, sabotaging our goals as soon as the stars are no longer perfectly aligned (and they almost never are).

The only way to counteract this is to become externally relevant and accountable.

So to stop procrastinating, we want to match our emotions and actions to our outcome. And this needs to happen regardless of external circumstances.

Your Guiding Light: How To Get Motivated & Keep The Motivation Going

Think of it this way: Your outcome is your guiding light. No matter what happens, you know that’s where your heading. You know why it’s worth it to reach the light. So you do whatever it takes to get there.

Now, an onion grows pretty slowly, and it starts out with its head in the ground. The onion does not know there are other options out there.

You have so many more options than that. What would happen if you actually took advantage of them? Here’s how:

  • Get a clear outcome. Know your life goals.
  • Know why it’s worth it to you.
  • Make a commitment to follow through.
  • Have a clear plan that is realistic and doable.
  • Take action.Make it fun. Comic relief goes a long way towards busting through the challenges and staying motivated.
  • If you run into obstacles (and you will), always ask: How can I make sure this happens? Somehow you will find a way. Embrace the challenges as valuable learning.
  • Find people who will challenge you, and who can see through your stories.
  • Take Action

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