Your Life Goals With These 8 Tips

Your Life Goals With These 8 Tips

You know what it’s like to get excited about achieving a life goal, only to have it fall by the wayside. For example, vowing to finally lose those extra pounds. Or stop smoking once and for all. Or manage your stress better. First you are excited and all in, and then something distracts you. As a result, you abandon your goal. It’s disappointing. It wears away at your confidence. And you suffer the pain and hassle of keeping your problem.

If you are fed up with this and ready to learn the secrets of how hypnosis can finally help you get your life goals, then read on.

Hypnosis For Getting Life Goals

The truth is that you are naturally going in and out of hypnosis all the time in your everyday life. For instance, hypnosis is what helps you find your way home while you are day dreaming. Likewise, when you are watching a movie and get really into the plot, you are in a hypnosis like state.

Any habit was created by a process of repetition and fixation, in other words, hypnosis. For example, now that you know how to drive, driving is so automatic that you don’t need to think about it. But when you were first learning, you had to go to driving school and practice over and over again.

Why people fail to get their goals

Let’s say someone wants to get fit. Maybe they hire a personal trainer, join a gym or plan to walk outside. They do it a couple of times, then SOMETHING happens (you name it – bad weather, work deadlines, kids soccer schedules, a cold) and they give up. Or they go online and find the “best” workouts and buy the most high tech gear, then never get off the couch.

Is this person in a hypnotic trance? Yes, they are! But it is a trance of distraction and excuses. Meanwhile they are not in a trance of taking the actions to get their goal. As they continue to indulge the distraction, their fitness goals never become reality.

So you see that you are always hypnotizing yourself. The key is to choose the hypnotic trance that actually gets you to success.

Too many people are waiting for something to happen TO them. The reality is that you are actually the one hypnotizing yourself. And this is good news. If you are the one hypnotizing yourself, that means you have more control over your life.

Knowing the following tips and taking action on them helps you make a real choice. Or you can continue getting caught in the maze of excuses. It’s up to you.

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself in the hypnotic trance that gets results.

1. Get Laser Sharp Clarity

First, know your outcome. Be realistic. Set a timeframe. Write it down.

2. Know Why It’s Worth It

Second, know why it matters. In other words, what is the passionate reason why you want your outcome? Write it down. Then create a picture (real or imagined) to remind you of your goal. Find a way to put the answer to this question in big neon lights. Then celebrate it regularly. As a result, it becomes easier for you to stay focused.

3. Make A Clear Plan & Take Action On It

Third, write down a plan, review it regularly, and take action on the plan. Be realistic. Break the plan down into small enough steps to make it doable.

Many people get frustrated and quit because their action plan does not fit their reality. For example, if you want to start working out, it’s probably not realistic to go from being a couch potato to a marathon runner over night. Maybe the first step is walking 20 minutes a day and building from there.

4. Eradicate “Yeah But” Disease

Fourth, no more excuses. Find a way to make it happen. No matter what else is going on.

A good way to do this is to recall something you always do – no matter what. For example, picking up your kids. Or getting dressed before you leave the house. Or brushing your teeth. You get the idea. Then, put the actions into the category of something you do no matter what.

5. Adjust The Plan On The Fly

Fifth, be willing to take an honest look at the results you are getting from taking action. As a result, you may need to change your plan along the way. When you adjust your plan, write it down.

6. Reward Yourself For Progress

Sixth, choose healthy ways to reward yourself for your progress. Do this at regular intervals. Celebrate about your progress. This will make it easier to keep going.

7. Choose Your Mood – Don’t Let It Choose You

Seventh, get to know the mood that helps you take action. When you are in that mood, what is your body posture like? What are you seeing, feeling and hearing? What emotion do you feel?

To access this, consider time when you felt really good about getting something done. For example, maybe you notice you feel better after you work out. It helps to remind yourself of that good feeling when it’s time to work out.

Another good tip is the following: When it’s time to take action, move your body. This will interrupt you out of whatever you were doing before, and free you to get in the mood that’s useful. It can be as simple as standing up, splashing some cold water on your face, or taking a deep breath. This frees you up to simply take action.

Just like an actor, step into that useful mood whenever it helps you.

8. Fantasy For Getting Life Goals

Eighth, fantasize your way through taking action toward your goals every day. This helps you make an automatic habit out of your actions. As a result, it will be easier to take action on your goals in real life.

What Happens Next…

Applying these hypnotic principals can help you make some powerful changes in your life.

Yet, sometimes people continue to struggle. If you find yourself feeling stuck or sabotaging your goals, you are probably in a hypnotic trance you don’t even know you are doing. Sometimes we hold on to destructive behaviours for reasons we are unaware of.

This is where getting feedback from a professional hypnotist comes in. When you are in the bottle, you can’t read the label. Therefore, outside feedback can be crucial to finally achieving success.

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