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Robbie Spier Miller, the Director of the Burlington Hypnosis Centre, is part of an international network of leading hypnotists. She makes use of systems that have helped tens of thousands of people with weight loss, stress management and to quit smoking in her Burlington clinic. She also uses hypnosis to help people change many other habits.

She is a founding member of the Master Hypnotist Society, providing world class hypnosis and hypnotherapy training for personal and professional development. She is also the Director of Hypnosis Training Canada. At the school, hypnosis students learn how to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage stress, manage pain & make other important life changes with hypnosis. Hypnosis training is customized to each student’s needs and goals. The focus is hands-on and practical, giving students the opportunity to offer the benefits of hypnosis to the public.

Robbie is a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is a well known Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Life Coach. In addition, she is certified as a Smoking Cessation Specialist by the International Hypnosis Federation. She is also a certified member of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

As an expert in hypnosis, people love her services because she focuses on helping clients get results. She manages her weight loss and stress management clinic passionately by making frequent appearances in the media. Robbie offers entertaining insights on hypnosis. She has been seen/heard on:

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Robbie has worked in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors. She has experience with organizations large and small, including IBM, Harvard University, and the Government of Massachussetts.

She holds a Masters of Arts from Tufts University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

In her spare time Robbie enjoys spending time with her husband and children, and doing Tai Chi and Qigong with Master Leung.

She has been practicing hypnosis and coaching since 2003.

The Burlington Hypnosis Centre has been helping people lose weight, stop smoking, and make other positive changes in their lives with hypnosis since 2006. Serving Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Halton and surrounding Ontario communities.

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The Burlington Hypnosis Centre offers training in self-hypnosis for self-help. It is not a medical facility and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions. The service provided is for educational purposes only. It is not therapy, and is not meant as a replacement for any other intervention.

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